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Quality technology and best designs on solid wood flooring

Bamboo floors

Bamboo floors are quality floors. We have woven Mao bamboo, which is a species that is widely used since it is durable and is also eco-friendly. We install bamboo floors on commercial and residential spaces.

Oak floors

The oak wood is hard wood species. We use the oak tree in domestic and offices as these floors are long lasting. We also apply different colors to give the oak wood a unique and lustrous look

Fumed oak flooring

The fumed oak contains a deeper tone. These boards are readily available and they are obtained from forests.

Core Features


You have been our loyal clients for years, we are now happy to announce our new cleaning department.

Special Offers

If we did install the wooden flooring in the past, you are liable for 10% off for the initial cleaning cost.


We also work according to the speculated time schedules. We meet all the set deadlines.

Customer expectations

Ranked#1, no one meets our expectations when it comes to cleanliness. We are committed to clean the solid wooden flooring and any other kind of floors.


We do work to ensure that we bring out the designs that you have chosen. All our designs are custom made.


All our services meet the required standards. We are certified by the ISO board of standards.

Enjoy free consultation from the best solid wood flooring experts

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Tons of Accomplishments

We are the best solid hardwood flooring company. We repair and install all these wood flooring in domestic and commercial areas.

We have also gone further to include different kinds of installations such as laminate floors, engineered floors, vinyl floors and tiles. We take pride in the achievements for more than a century. We do have a huge clientele base who seek our quality services. If you would like your floors polished or easy to clean Vinyl flooring installed, call us today and our representatives will be ready to work with you. With our amazing pine hardwood flooring, we bring back to life the warmth and comfort of the office and homes. We do offer special services that will stand the test of time. We also install different patterns to create different designs. Our commercial individuals are in schools, restaurants, halls, museums and gym.

Our Latest Works

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  • Having worked with this company before, we’ve got nothing but positive comments. They are professional, good listeners, and very cooperative. We were able to finish cleaning the entire home within 3 hours thanks to the support we got from this team. Always a pleasure!

    Louis Botha


    Louis Botha
  • I am proud to work with you for the second time. Our experience in the first house was tremendous. The installation crew was professional and fixed them easily. Their services were stress free and I was very pleased. In the second house, I decided to use the services again. Hope you will perform better once more.

    Raymond, Cape Town

    PhotographerNational Geographic

    Raymond, Cape Town
  • Working with Burchwoods to clean a floor they had just finished installing for a client was an excellent experience. The team was always ready to assist whenever we needed help and made our work easier. We cleaned all carpets and floors leaving the entire house spotless.

  • Wow, wonderful job!! I do recommend your services to anyone who needs any solid hardwood fixing, repairs and renovations.

    Fauzia, South Africa

    Art DirectorMT Ads Inc.

    Fauzia, South Africa