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Solid wood flooring is our major task. We do interior home décor that will enable you to have timeless beauty in your home and office. For centuries, we have used timber to explore different designs.

Vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are so easy to install and maintain than any other floors. They also last for many years. Vinyl floors are also known to require simple maintenance and regular cleaning can be achieved fast. We apply Urethane on the vinyl floors to provide a protective coating. The protective sheath will serve as a shield for the image. We also fix these vinyl floors for an enduring capability.

Hardwood engineered floors

Hardwood engineered floors are known to be attractive and are also stable. We fix two types of hardwood flooring: veneer and core. Our wooden flooring is made of high density fiberboard and the plywood. We do use the glue to fix the veneer on top of the hardwood. We do also provide the tips to our clients on how to maintain these hardwoods engineered floors for increased durability.

Tile installation

We have an appropriate team which extends its knowledge to install tiles and we also boast of several years of experience in making the tiles. We work with professionalism to ensure that the project is completed successfully. The flooring services that we provide include: Tile repairs, refurbishing and tile installation.

Custom tile floors

We do have custom tiles and we have already made installations in several of the homes. We do fix these custom made tiles in bathrooms, toilets, halls and the dining room. These tiles have a lot of advantages as they can be easily cleaned and do not get stained fast. When we have spillages on the tiles, they can easily be removed. These tiles are also easy to clean hence perfect for any space.

Kitchen floors

We do kitchen remodeling as often as possible. We have different types of kitchen remodeling designs that we show you. The kitchen floors should be done as soon as possible to eliminate bad looks.

Custom hardwood floors

We do have a highly professional level team which is concerned with custom hardwood floors. We do make installations, refurbishment and finishing and also have these custom hardwood floors in our stock. We sell to all our clients and also make their installation and finishing



We work within your budget for quality installations using different kinds of timber species. They include: Tropical hardwoods and oaks woods.

We are the professionals and our clients are happy with our high quality services. Our customer care is flexible and can be approached 24/7. We also work within our time limits. We use the latest technology and valuable machines.

“Get reliable solid wood working flooring services in installation and renovation”

What People Are Saying

  • Having worked with this company before, we’ve got nothing but positive comments. They are professional, good listeners, and very cooperative. We were able to finish cleaning the entire home within 3 hours thanks to the support we got from this team. Always a pleasure!

    Louis Botha

    Louis Botha
  • I am proud to work with you for the second time. Our experience in the first house was tremendous. The installation crew was professional and fixed them easily. Their services were stress free and I was very pleased. In the second house, I decided to use the services again. Hope you will perform better once more.

    Raymond, Cape Town

    PhotographerNational Geographic

    Raymond, Cape Town
  • Working with Burchwoods to clean a floor they had just finished installing for a client was an excellent experience. The team was always ready to assist whenever we needed help and made our work easier. We cleaned all carpets and floors leaving the entire house spotless.

  • Wow, wonderful job!! I do recommend your services to anyone who needs any solid hardwood fixing, repairs and renovations.

    Fauzia, South Africa

    Art DirectorMT Ads Inc.

    Fauzia, South Africa